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Herbs have always been an indispensable component of human diet. Herbs contain vitamins, antioxidants and other ingredients required for effective functions of mind and body. Herbal dietary supplements, herbal oils and skin care products help maintain enjoyable lifestyle, prevent diseases and avoid premature aging
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Health beneficial properties of traditional herbal oils are discovered and validated over the centuries of trials A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses. - Hippocrates Herbal body oils - traditional source of herbal medicines and natural skin care products
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Historical records show how herbal medicines were used to help combat diseases and improve functions of mind and body. During last century numerous biologically active ingredients, vitamins, alkaloids, stimulants, hormone-like compounds and drugs were identified and isolated from herbs. There are no doubts, that many more herbal constituents will be discovered and proven to be essential for proper body functions and helpful for treatment of disorders. These herbal ingredients eventually will be transformed into drugs, nutrients and vitamins. While waiting for this to happened one may utilize traditional knowledge of herbal remedies, dietary supplements and herbal skin treatments backed by the thousands years of history. Backed by evidence collected in various cultures and various times these herbs offer herbal vitamins antioxidants and nutrients with preserved activity and in available for assimilation form. As with many pharmaceutical drugs, regular and continuous use of herbal preparations will help achieve reliable and sustainable effect