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Revitalizing Herbal Serum Nourishing Herbal Cream


Revia - Revitalizing Herbal Serum

All natural combination of herbal extracts, essences and herbal oils with nourishing and rejuvenating action. Developed from traditional Herbal anti-aging skin care anti-aging salve. Revia revitalizes mature skin, restores natural peach-like skin look and feel, helps reverse symptom of aging, reduce wrinkles, dry skin, brown spots.

Revia brings together components with metaboilsm stimulating action and nutrients, esential for skin restorative processes. Serum contains wide range of ingredients, required for the metabolism of epithelial cells, including carotenes, tocopherols, phytosterols and EFAs. Invigorating herbal essences help stimulate and promote restorative processes.

Applied at night serum will give the skin fresh appealing feel and look. Nourishing and rejuvenating action of Revia is complemented by the charming lasting aroma.

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Suggested use:

Revia is intended for the application to the areas most sensitive to the symptoms of skin aging. The serum was traditionally used as facial treatment, neck treatment and back hand treatment. Due to high content of herbal essences required to achieve effective revitalizing action this product is not recommended for hypersensitive skin.

Apply serum once or twice a day, most preferably in the evening. Allow sufficient time after application before make up and before exposure to direct sun light. Apply with a cotton swab on clean dry skin, massage in with light circular movements. When applied under the eyes use minimal amounts of serum and softly massage in. Keep eyes closed for few moments after the application under the eyes to let herbal essences be absorbed by the skin, as high content of herbal essences in the may irritate the eyes. The serum may induce transient warming sensation in the skin as the evidence of its unveiling revitalizing action. If serum appears to be too intense dilute it with equal volume of virgin olive oil or Plantain or Chickweed oil.

The serum contains no artificial preservatives. To protect the potency and preserve the qualitiy do not second dip, use new cotton swab for every other dip. Keep the serum in cool dark place. The serum is good for up to 1 year and is best when used within 6 months after the purchase. This products is manufactured in small lots and is guaranteed to be less than 2 months old by the time of shipping.

Ingredients. Herbal essences: Geranium, Frankincense, Rosewood, Neroli, Cypress, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Chamomile, Palmarosa; Herbal oil extracts: Sea Buckthorn, St. John's wort, Rose hip, Calendula flower; Seed oils: Borage seed, Carrot seed, Jojoba, Avocado, Wheat Germ, Sweet Almond, Natural Vitamin E. All natural. Contains no artificial additives, no preservatives no artificial flavors or colors.

Revia Rosa - Rejuvenating Herbal Cream

All-natural revitalizing cream designed after traditional anti-aging recipe from times when synthetic cream hardeners and emulsifiers were not available and creams were made with natural waxes. Rose wax is one of most praised ingredients in traditional anti-aging skin care and provides the body of Revia-Rose. Herbal serum Revia with Rose and Myrrh essences are incorporated in Rose wax base to become unique anti-aging and revitalizing skin treatment. The cream combines properties of Revia with anti-aging and healing effects of Rose essence, Myrrh essence and Rose wax, used for thousands years to combat skin ageing. Cream helps rejuvenate skin complexion, reduce and reverse wrinkles and dry skin appearence, reverse brown spots and gray skin conditions, help heal broken capillaries, relieve skin irritations and combat skin flaccidity.

Suggested use:

Same as for Revia. The cream is not to be used as a base for make up or in combination with make up and cosmetics. The cream is more intense and concentrated comparing to serum. Therefore it is recommended to try the serum first. In case, skin reacts favorably to the serum, the cream may be considered. High protein, high vitamin diet is recommended to support restorative action of the cream and serum on skin metabolism.

Apply minimal amounts of the cream. Apply in the evening and let work overnight. Use cotton swab for the application. During the first several applications do not apply too close to the eyes, the cream may irritate the eyes. To protects freshness and potency of the cream do not second dip cotton swab, do not use fingers to pick the cream, close the lid after use and keep in dark cool place.

The cream is produces slightly oversaturated with natural essences to allow for natural loss during the storage. When the new jar is open the aroma may appear intense. To reduce the intensity of aroma leave the cream jar with open lid for 1 -2 hours in cool dark place.

Ingredients: herbal serum Revia, Rose essence, Myrrh essence, Rose wax. The cream is guaranteed to contains no artificial ingredients, hardeners, emulsifiers or stabilizers. The cream consistency is reached through the presence of pure natural rose wax. The cream is good for up to 1 year, and up to 2 years if stored in refrigerator. This products is manufactured in small lots and is guaranteed to be less than 2 months old by the time of shipping.

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- Revia Rosa - anti-aging cream


Rose hip - Sea Buckthorn oil blend

Blend of equal amounts of Whole Rose Hip and Sea Buckthorn oil extracts. Combines rich variety of Sea Buckthorn carotenes, Rose hip liposoluble antioxidants. Directions - same as for Sea Buckthorn or Rose hip oil extracts

Rose hip - Sea Buckthorn blend - review or order



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