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Dry hair and scalp
- Dry hair tonic
- Plantain oil
- Burdock root oil

Itching, flaking, dandruff, scalp irritation
- Plantain oil
- Nettle herb oil
- Burdock root oil
- Ointment Balmflower

Hair thinning, hair loss
-Botanical Hair oil
-Burdock Root oil
- Nettle Root oil
-Saw Palmetto
It is never too early to start taking good care of the hair, and it is never too late. Indeed, modern studies, indicate that even on completely bold head, there are plenty of hair follicles able to initiate a hair growth. The proper hair care helps reduce scalp irritation and get rid of dandruff, reverse dry scalp and oily scalp conditions.

Use of a proper shampoo, which will not irritate the scalp, or produce as little irritation as possible, is essential for successful reduction of scalp stress. With any shampoo, it is important to rinse hair to remove the residual detergents from the hair roots. The residuals of detergents may irritate the scalp and affect hair growth. In fact, detergents quite often are the primary cause of scalp irritation, seborrhea and hair loss. Needless to say, that concentrated shampoos and shampoo/conditioners make it very difficult to wash out the detergents. One may be well advised to avoid these, if any symptoms of scalp irritation or hair loss occur. One easy to do but frequently forgotten thing is to rinse hair thoroughly after the hair wash. In earlier days rain water was considered the best for hair rinse. Today, distilled water is a good choice.

Herbal hair oils have traditionally been used to help reverse stressed scalp symptoms. In many cases it is possible to see immediate effect of herbal oil treatment of irritated and stressed scalp. Still, it usually requires continuous daily applications to help achieve significant improvement. Herbal oils and extracts contain ingredients essential for the metabolism of epithelial cells. These nutrients may be absorbed directly by the skin. Providing nutrients, antioxidants and stimulants for direct skin assimilation may be one of mechanisms of action of traditional herbal oils and herbal hair remedies


Botanical Hair Oil

botanical hair oilAll natural blend of herbal oils, herbal extracts and essences traditionally used to promote better hair care and combat hair loss. Herbal nutrients and stimulants nourish and revitalize the scalp, help maintain vivid shiny hair, reduce excessive hair loss and promote natural functions of sebaceous glands, responsible for hair growth and strength. BHO is rich in nutrients required for metabolic support of natural hair growth processes, including long chain essential fatty acids, phytosterols and fat soluble vitamins and antioxidants. Following the application of BHO to the scalp nutrients are assimilated by the skin through absorption processes.

Ingredients: Natural sources of nutrients and vitamins essential for hair restoration: Burdock root oil extract, Nettle root oil extract, Yarrow oil extract, Saw Palmetto oil, Natural Vitamin E oil. Essential oils traditionally used to combat hair loss and stimulate growth: blend of Ylang Ylang essential oils, Bay essential oil, Clary Sage essential oil. Moisturizing and protective vegetable oils: Jojoba oil, Avocado oil

Suggested use: Due to the nature of its action Botanical Hair Oil is expected to be most effective with daily use. One may wear it during the day or apply in the evening for overnight treatment. Apply minimal amounts to the hair roots and gently massage into the scalp. When using before hair wash - massage the oil into scalp, wear for 1 - 2 hours, stay during the treatment in the warm place to promote assimilation of ingredients by the scalp. If using after hair wash rinse hair thoroughly trying to remove all residual of detergents, preferably rinse with distilled water after washin with regular water. Dry with towel leaving slightly dump hair, apply oil to the hair roots and gently massage in.

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Dry Hair Tonic

For dry and normal hair. All-natural nourishing preparations for dry scalp and hair combines essential oils, and herbal oil extracts traditionally used to help improve hair conditions. Moisturizes, lubricates and nourishes scalp, helps reduce hair loss and reverse insufficient growth, helps combat flaking, dandruff and seborrhea. Provides scalp and hair follicles with nutrients and herbal constituents to stimulate and restore metabolic processes.

Use hair tonic before the hair wash to nourish and groom the hair. Apply generously and massage tonic into the scalp with light circular movements starting with the back of the head. Cover the hair with shower cap and/or towel. Let tonic work for 1/2 to 2 hours, staying in a warm place. Shampoo the hair and thoroughly with regular water, followed by rinse with distilled or spring water. For best results rinse or immerse the hair for 10 -15 min in a herbal rinse Floraderm I.

Use hair tonic regularly, preferably every day to reverse dry scalp conditions, help revitalize thin, dull, brittle hair. If used after hair wash, dry hair with the towel leaving slightly dump hair. Apply minimal amounts of tonic to the scalp with fingertips or cotton swab and gently massage into the hair roots.

Ingredients: essential oils of Geranium, Bay, Ylang-Ylang, Lavender; Burdock root oil, Sea Buckthorn oil, natural vitamin E oil, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Almond oil

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