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Nettle (Urtica urens and Urtica dioica) had numerous applications in traditional herbal medicine. In modern times Nettle medicinal properties have been confirmed in many instances, expanded and partially explained. From the ancient times it has been noticed that Nettle tends to grow near human dwellings and is especially prosperous on the soil worked out by humans. Accordingly, it was speculated that Nettle and humans should benefit from each other. One of the most notorious records of Nettle's beneficial effects refers to it's ability to improve the learning capacity in the students, achieved through applying fresh stinging nettle to the student's back. While this particular type of action has never been confirmed in controlled clinical trial, many other Nettle traditional healing effects were. Nettle extracts, both oil and alcohol find many uses in modern health care and personal care products. Oil extracts obtained with Nettle leaf and root are used to help reduce ands reverse hair loss and overall improve skin and scalp conditions.

nettle herbal remediesnettle herbal remedies

Nettle herb oil extract. Oil extract of Nettle herb obtained with virgin olive oil. Nettle oil (Oleum Urticae) have been used as restorative, anti-inflammatory skin and scalp treatment for hundreds years. The oil is an excellent treatment for hypersensitive or stressed skin and scalp as it helps reduce irritation, and reverse inflammatory reactions. Warm Nettle oil has been traditionally used as restorative anti-wrinkle facial mask for thin and sensitive skin. It helps combat irritations, redness, Click to expanditching, improve skin conditions in sensitive areas. Traditionally combined with Plantain oil and/or Burdock root oil to treat scalp problems and improve conditions of hair follicles. Combined with Saw Palmetto to help reduce hair loss and treat mens health conditions.

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Nettle root oil extract. Nettle root oil have been traditionally utilized by itself or together with Burdock root to help improve scalp conditions and promote hair growth. More recently Nettle root has become popular in combination with Saw Palmetto as a dietary supplement used to help combat hair loss. Obtained by cold extraction of Nettle root into virgin olive oil.

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Suggested use: Apply before or after hair wash. If applied before hair wash let stay for at least an hour. Gently massage into the scalp. Warm up a little for better absorption. Both Nettle herb and root oils may be used as a hair oil for permanent wear, in fact that is traditional way of the treatment.

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herbal bath teaTraditionally Nettle juice was used to increase energy and promote recovery from disease, fresh leaf and leaf tea were employed to help relive joint's pain and combat gout, rheumatism, arthritis, to help improve liver conditions and stimulate bile secretion, to promote functions of the bladder in conditions related to insufficient diuresis and reverse bladder stones formation. Root tea and dry root powder were taken to help combat prostate inflammation. Nettle seed, juice and root were traditionally believed to possess general enhancing and stimulating properties and were taken to reverse age-related reduction in energy and endurance. Frequent traditional prescription for those suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, bile or bladder stones suggested boiling 2 teaspoons of Nettle leaf, root or mixture in 1 cup of water for 5 minutes, let steep for 10 - 15 min and drink 2 cups of warm tea a day for 4 -8 weeks. Fresh squeezed Nettle juice was recommended at ½ to 1 glass a day for the same indications, to promote energy, to help combat infection and stimulate recovery. Leashing with fresh Nettle and Nettle bath treatments were traditionally considered an effective remedy against rheumatism, goat, arthritis, and were prescribed by the doctors to pain suffering patients. Oil infusions obtained with Nettle leaf and root were utilized to help reduce ands reverse hair loss and overall improve skin and scalp conditions.

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