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Q & A

Q1 Do you use organic herbs in your products?
Not always. In fact, the situation with organic herbs is significantly different from organic fruits, berries and vegetables. It is well know that many medicinal herbs are treated as weeds in agricultural industry (for example, St. John's wort). So, herbicides would rather reduce the crop of these herbs than increase it. On the other hand, herbs are usually much more resistant to insects than cultivated fruits, berries and vegetables. For these reasons, seasoned herb growers usually do not use pesticides or herbicides (which besides everything cost money). We use a lot of wildcrafted herbs. Apriory, wildcrafted herb may be expected to be much more clean in terms of chemicals content than organically grown. Indeed, in many cases organic means that pesticides and herbicides were not used by the grower for the last three years. However, these chemicals are known to be able to stay in the soil for much longer time. Wildcrafted herb is quite possibly harvested from the place where chemicals were never applied.

Q2 What is the percentage or content of Sea Buckthorn oil in the oil extracts? What is the dilution of Sea Buckthorn oil in the oil extract?
Sea Buckthorn oil extract is produced by direct extraction of the berries into high grade olive (or almond) oil,
so there is no dilution involved. In brief, repetitive portions of the berries are extracted into the same volume of the oil until the content of several markers including carotenes and tocopherols will reach the preestablished limits. The limits are set up to achieve optimal combination of the potency with stability and safety of the final product for skin care applications. From 12 to 18 lbs. of berries may be required to obtain one lb. of raw extract. The contents of extracted nutrients are presented on the label as a range, due to the natural variability of raw material (berries).

Q3 What is different in herbal oil extract from Floraleads GR?
- There are infused oils, organic solvent extracts, CO2 extracts and there are herbal oil extract from Floraleads GR. Click to see the difference-

Q4 May your oil extracts be used as a dietary supplement?
Absolutely. We emphasize skin care applications because this product is all-natural, was manufactured without the use of organic solvents in metal free environment, and the extract is filtered through several filters to make sure that all nutrients are true solutions and may be absorbed by the skin. Sea Buckthorn oils sold for use as a dietary supplements are usually obtained through organic solvents extraction and may be not free from insoluble impurities.

Q5 Is there caffeine or ephedrine in herbal tonic Validus ?
This product is guaranteed to be free of caffeine and ephedrine. In fact, it is all herbal and all herbal ingredients are listed on the label. Central stimulatory effect is achieved through the combination of Schisandra, Eleuthero and Arnica, supported by circulatory action of Hawthorn and Arnica and antioxidants provided by Rose hips and to some degree othe herbs. Special grounding technology optimizes extraction during the brewing.

Q6 Can your herbal products help prevent, stop hair loss?
Hair loss may be caused by endocrine or metabolic disbalance, be age dependents, induced by stress or have other reasons. In some cases it is possible to associate the beginning of hair loss with certain life events or appearance of chronic stress factors. In others, it may be related to allergic reaction of skin and scalp to chemical ingredients of food or personal care products. Quite frequently it is the combination of several factors. Like vitamins ( herbal components, required but not synthesized by human body) are useful in fighting many diseases, herbal bioactive ingredients may help promote healthy skin, scalp and hair and improve the resistance to unfavorable or damaging environmental factors. Scientific investigation of these factors undoubtedly will bring numerous potent drugs and vitamin-like compounds to treat skin and hair conditions. But such studies are in very preliminary stages, and severely suffer from the luck of funding (at least our research program). Alternative approach utilizes traditional herbal medicines developed over the centuries of trials and mistakes by people who might knew more about the action of herbs on human body than we do now.

Floraleads hair care products currently include Burdock root oil extract, Herbal bath or rinse Floraderm I, the selection of herbal nourishing oils, herbal ointment Balmflower, tonics and lotions for dry and oily hair. Of course, the most direct approach would be to neutralize or reduce the cause of hair loss. Thus, if chronic stress appears to play a crucial role in hair conditions, the tincture of Valerian or other stress reducing treatments may be helpful on line with hair care aids.
We suggest to employ Burdock root oil as a scalp nourishing oil on the daily basis combined with Floraderm I used as a rinse after the hair wash. Massage Burdock root oil into the scalp and leave it overnight. Use Burdock root oil before or after the hair wash. Dry hair with the towel until they are slightly dump. Massage small amount of oil into the hair roots with your fingertips. Let hair dry naturally. In this way the oil will not go up the hairs and hair will not look oily afterwards. For dry or oily hair lotion and tonic may be considered for application before and after hair wash. In case if scalp is stressed or irritated as indicated by flaking, itching, etc. use herbal ointment Balmflower for the first two weeks. Apply after the hair wash and massage in into the areas of scalp which become itchy. It may be helpful to check the ingredients of shampoo, conditioner and other hair care to make sure that no potentially irritating components are present.
Sea Buckthorn, Saw Palmetto and St. John's wort oil extracts are also used traditionally to help promote healthy skin and hair. We suggest to try these on small areas and dilute if necessary with almond or olive oil. Do not wear Saw Palmetto and St. John's wort oil extracts under direct sun, they may induce skin hypersensitivity to sun light.

Q7 Are all your products 100% natural?
Yes, with one exception. Aromatic herbal baths of Juste Milleu line contain one synthetic ingredient - Tween 80. It is used, because it considerably improves the stability, aromatherapy effect and bioavailability of the product. Tween 80 (chemical name - polyoxyethylenesorbitan monooleat) is a derivative of naturally occurring essential fatty acid, oleic acid, and is approved by FDA for the use in cosmetic and personal care products. Aromatic bath formulations are developed as a result of continuous R&D efforts to improve the stability and bioavailability of the traditional products. We believe that aromatic herbal baths of Juste Milleu line are able to maintain and deliver the same (if not better) quality as the traditional freshly made recipes. Tween 80 is one of the most biocompatible solubilizers and emulsifiers, much less harmful that those usually present in liquid soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc. Aromatic herbal baths employ the lowest possible content of Tween 80, which in the bath is tens of thousands times lower than the concentration approved for cosmetic and personal care products. Only high quality Tween 80 is used in the preparation of bath formulas. The grade is qualified as cell culture reagent, meaning that its presence (in the concentrations much higher than in the bath) will not harm the growth of animal or human cells in the cell culture. If you still prefer to refrain from the use of synthetic ingredients, we can produce all-natural aromatic herbal bath on special order with minimum order of 12 bottles. Or use our bath tea sachets, which are 100% natural, as the rest of our herbal products.

Q8 What is special about tinctures?
Floraleads tinctures are handcrafted in small batches according to centuries old recipes and rested in glass until perfect. Traditional sweet tinctures offer enjoyable taste and unique profile of herbal nutrients in highly biooavailable form. They contain 24 -26 % grain alcohol by volume. Tinctures (herbal extracts made with alcohol) and teas (herbal extracts made with water) were two main medicinal formulations, prescribed in Europe over many centuries. The manufacturers were constantly trying to make their products more competitive, to improve the potency, stability and the taste. By trials and mistakes, they discovered and implemented many principles, which we only begin to appreciate now. Take for example "in vitro nigro". Many recipes include sugar, which not only improves the taste of the tincture, but apparently increases its stability. It also makes it possible to more deeply appreciate the taste and flavor of the tincture, the only method of quality control available in old times. Furthermore, being able to keep good tasting tincture in the mouth for a longer time provides favorable conditions for assimilation of certain nutrients. Modern pharmaceutical formulators quite frequently use this principle to promote the assimilation of drugs. Floraleads tinctures are formulated using raw sugar, like in traditional recipes. The sugar content in the highest suggested dose is less that 1% (one per cent) of recommended daily allowance.

Q9 Who are you?
Floraleads GR was established in 1993 to utilize the expertise in pharmacology, analytical biochemistry and herbs processing technologies in contract research and manufacturing of natural products. After completing several successful projects on development of natural products, we became able to proceed with implementation of our own line of herbal supplements and natural skin care. We sell our products since 1995.
We see our mission as rediscovery and introduction of traditional herbal medicines utilized for centuries to improve health and combat disease. Significant part of our R&D is dedicated to the study of historical documents on herbal remedies, identification of original herbal recipes with consistent claims of health benefits and reproducible methods of preparation and administration. In the development of our formulas we combine these recipes with available scientific data on individual ingredients, their indications and possible side effects. A part of our research program is dedicated to the demonstration of biological activity of herbal products utilizing modern quantitative biochemical methods and pharmacological tests.

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