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Saw Palmetto Oil
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Raw Saw Palmetto oil extract

Cold pressed extract of Saw Palmetto berries obtained with virgin olive oil. Saw Palmetto is traditionally used as a topical treatment to help improve skin and scalp conditions, maintain healthy skin and hair, combat hair loss. It was used by American Indians as hair, scalp and skin care. It is said to revitalize mature skin, to bring olive shine to the skin, to help revive hair follicles, improve hair strength, body and shine, make scalp less sensitive to stress and irritation. More recently Saw Palmetto received recognition in the areas of men's health and women's health both as preventative remedy and as safe and effective treatment to reverse development of certain patological conditions. Scientific research confirm that majority of Saw Palmetto bioactive ingredients are of lipophilic nature, and therefore are extracted into the oil and well assimilated by the skin. These observations suggest that when applied topically, Saw Palmetto may be more bioavailable and therefore more effective treatment for particular body areas and organs.

Saw Palmetto oil extract from Floraleads GR is all-natural preparation, obtained by direct cold extraction of whole Saw Palmetto berries with virgin olive oil. It may be used as a dietary supplement and as topical treatment. Saw Palmetto oil extract is assimilated by skin and provides nutrients for penetration into deeper body areas. When applied topically Saw Palmetto oil extract may be more targeted and therefore more efficient treatment for particular body areas and organs.

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Nutritional value of Saw Palmetto oil extract

The extract contains full spectrum of lipophilic ingredients as well as volatile and semivolatile ingredients of the berries. At the same time, it is free of insoluble and therefore non-digestible, non-absorbable components of the berries. About 85 - 95 % of the extract are represented by the fatty acids, however not all fatty acids are from Saw Palmetto; part comes from the olive oil. On the basis of accounting for the weight of olive oil and Saw Palmetto berries used for the extraction, as well as obtained extract and residuals, the percentage of the actual Saw Palmetto nutrients in the extract Saw palmetto oilwas determined as 35 - 45%. Therefore, when used as a dietary supplement, about 0.4 - 0.5 ml of the oil extract may be considered as equal to usually recommended dosage of 160 mg of powder extract. It should be mentioned, that actual ratio should be more in favor of the oil extract, because the part of powder extracts are represented by not-soluble and, therefore, non-absorbable ingredients.
Saw Palmetto extract is all-natural preparation, it may be used as a skin or scalp treatment as well as a dietary supplement.

Suggested use

As scalp/hair care - gently massage into the hair roots. If applied before hair wash, warm up an let at least half an hour (better 1-2 h) to absorb. For better absorption warm up in warm water or microwave (5 - 10 sec) before the application. Preferably, apply before sleep and leave overnight. As a dietary supplement, take 1/2 - 1 tea spoon per day, for better results combine two ways of treatment.

Hair loss prevention - apply oil extract for 1 - 2 h before the hair wash. Massage into scalp, cover with shower cap and towel, stay in warm place during the treatment to promote the assimilation. For better results combine with herbal hair rinse and Burdock root oil. As an alternative approach, apply every evening before going to bed and let stay overnight.

Men's health - combine dietary supplement use and topical applications of the oil extract. As a dietary supplements use 1 teaspoons per day, to improve the taste mix 1 part of Rose hip oil with two parts of Saw Palmetto oil. As a topical treatment - apply to target areas, massage in. Repeat applications every day.

Women's health - combine topical applications of the oil extract with the use as a dietary supplement . As a dietary supplements use 1 teaspoons per day, to improve the taste mix 1 part of Rose hip oil with two parts of Saw Palmetto oil. As a topical treatment - apply to target areas and around, massage in. Repeat applications daily, preferably in the morning and in the evening.

Please note, due to high content of Saw Palmetto ingredients in the oil extract, some components may occasionally precipitate when exposed to low or moderate low temperatures. Because oil extract is obtained by direct cold extraction, the precipitation is fully reversible. To reverse precipitation, warm up the vial in a hot water for a short time or microwave the vial for 5 - 10 sec and shake. Repeat if full transparency of the oil is not restored. Do not overheat, as it may reduce the potency of the extract. Keep in cool dark place, do not refrigerate.

Raw Saw Palmetto oil extract - 1 fl oz - $ 9.99 - - - 4 fl oz - $ 34.49 - -

We encourage the use of Saw Palmetto oil on the daily basis without consuming large amounts at one time. Although no adverse effects of Saw Palmetto has been reported so far to the best of our knowledge, we believe that consistency and moderation - are two cornerstones for successful application of herbal medicines.

Standardized Saw Palmetto oil extract - Saw Palmetto olive oil extract standardized to beta-sitosterol content of 1 mg/ml.

Beta-sitosterol is believed to be one of the main active ingredients of Saw Palmetto. It has been proven to possess several health beneficial properties, and demonstrate positive effects in a number of clinical trials. Sitosterol is used in Germany for the treatment of benign prostrate hypertrophy (BPH) with general positive response. A regular recommended daily dose taken in pills corresponds to about 40 mg of beta-sitosterol. It has been used earlier in Germany for the treatment of soft-tissue rheumatism with moderate success. Sitosterol was shown to lower the absorption rate of cholesterol and is utilized in some countries for the treatment of mild cases of hypercholesterolemia. Side effects are only reported with consumption of mega high doses, like 10 grams (10,000 mg) and more per day and are mainly related to symptoms of constipation.

The absorption rate of beta-sitosterol is about 5% in humans, accordingly the consumption of 40 mg of beta-sitosterol per day in pills, shall result in assimilation of about 2 mg. Therefore it appears that already 2 mg of beta-sitosterol taken systemically may affect DHT production. The rate of assimilation of beta-sitosterol when applied topically may be expected to be significantly higher, as it occurs for many lipophilic substances. With expected topical application dose in the range of 0.5 - 1 ml per day, Saw Palmetto extract was standardized to 1 mg/ml of beta-sitosterol to optimize expected health beneficial action. The standardized extract as well as other Floraleads oil extracts is all natural product and contains no artificial ingredients.
Suggested use - same as for raw Saw Palmetto extract.

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Saw Palmetto ointment
saw palmetto ointmentThe preparation of Saw Palmetto similar to a traditional remedy formula. Saw Palmetto medicine similar to Saw Palmetto oiontment was made and utilized by Native Americans to treat skin and scalp conditions, to maintain healthy scalp and hair and combat hair loss. The ointment has high content of phytosterols, long chain essential fatty acid and other nutrients beneficial for hair growth.

Ingredients: Saw Palmetto, Virgin olive oil, natural vitamin E. Saw Palmetto ointment contains about 10 -15 % of virgin olive oil and about 2000 IU of natural vitamin E per 5 oz jar. Natural vitamin E is added to improve the stability of the ointment and prevent the oxidation of health beneficial ingredients.

Suggested use:
The ointment is used to help combat hair loss and improve other conditions related to high DHT production.
Hair loss prevention. Apply ointment for 2 - 3 hours as a scalp treatment. Take approximately 1/2 oz or 1 table spoon of ointment and warm up in microwave until it softens (10 - 15 sec). Massage the ointment into scalp, for better results apply thick even layer of the ointment, cover with shower cap and towel and stay in a warm place or on the sun (protect treated areas from sun light) during the application to promote the assimilation of nutrients. Ointment may be applied for more extended time or overnight. Wash hair with soft shampoo and rinse well. If scalp is stressed or irritated apply stressed scalp kit for 2 weeks to normalize scalp conditions and then proceed with the ointment. For intensive restorative treatment apply ointment every day for a 7 - 10 days and once -twice a week thereafter. As a maintenance treatment apply once twice a week.

Keep the ointment in refrigerator when not in use. Please note, sometimes a thin layer of liquid may appear on the top of the jar. This is a normal process related to the ointment contraction and condensation. When stored at room temperature ointment may turn into semi-liquid form.

Please note, the ointment is a concentrated product with high content of active ingredients. If scalp is stressed or skin is hypersensitive, the ointment may occasionally cause symptoms of skin irritation, as every high potency skin treatment. In that case shampoo and rinse the hair. Treat scalp with ointment Balmflower or Nettle oil for 2 weeks. Return to Saw Palmetto ointment when scalp conditions improve.

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