Herbal Skin Care Products developed from traditional herbal skin treatments from Floraleads GR

Herbal oils and herbal extracts were utilized for centuries to reverse skin aging processes, keep skin young, vibrant and attractive. Traditional herbal skin care products are the source of many modern restorative and rejuvenating skin treatments. Herbal body oils offer nutrients essential for skin metabolism and restorative functions and are especially helpful when combined with healthy diet, exposure to fresh air with proper sun protection and elimination of skin irritating and allergic factors.

Natural treatments for dry skin

Calendula oil, Rose hip oil, Plantain oil, Chickweed oil

Traditional remedies for irritated stressed skin
Plantain oil, Nettle oil, Chickweed oil

Herbal treatments for skin rashes, itching, allergies
Celandine oil, St.John'swort oil

Herbal remedies for skin inflammation, infections, acne

Melissa oil, Celandine oil

Traditional anti-aging skin care

Sea Buckthorn oil, St. John's wort oil, Rose hip oil
Herbal serum Revia, Herbal cream Revia-Rosa

Herbal remedy for wounds, burns and sores

Traditional Herbal Body Oils

Healing, regenerating oils Aloe oil Sea Buckthorn oil Myrrh oil
Tonic, stimulating oils Arnica oil Calendula oil
Restorative nourishing oils Chickweed oil Rose hip oil Plantain herb oil
Cleansing purifying oils Melissa oil Celandine oil St. John's wort oil
Hair care and scalp treatments Burdock root oil Saw Palmetto oil Nettle herb oil

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Aloe oil extract. Healing and restorative properties of Aloe are recognized and utilized around the world. It has traditionally been used to treat various skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, inflammations, burns and wounds. Aloe oil extract is manufactured according to proprietary biocompatible technology to obtain full range or oil soluble Aloe nutrients and preserve biological activity. Review and order


Arnica flowers oil extract.Body oil traditionally used to promote healing of bruises and minor skin injuries. More recently Arnica gained recognition as potent natural remedy to help combat cellulite. Arnica contains ingredient apparently able to stimulate local skin blood flow and enhance metabolism of epithelial cell. Review and order

Burdock root oil extract. Burdock oil helps combat itching and dandruff, promotes recovery of skin and scalp irritation, particularly in the case of sensitive, easily traumatized skin. The oil combines immediate relieving effect with nutritional support of normal functions of sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Bur oil was used for centuries to strengthen the hair, promote hair growth. Regular use of Bur oil helps restore and maintain healthy scalp and hair. Burdock oil extract from Floraleads Gr imparts mild attractive herbal aroma, indicative for the volatile root ingredients preserved by proprietary extraction. Review and order

Calendula flowers oil extract. Tonic, soothing, restorative body oil, good for any type of skin, but especially suitable for dry skin. Calendula, or Marigold oil is traditional Mediterranean skin care used to help preserve skin freshness, protect skin from overdrying, sun-induced wrinkles and sun caused aging during summer time. When used regularly the oil imparts deep olive shine to the skin, helps protect skin from age related thinning and drying out. Anti-aging properties of Calendula oil, known already to to ancient Egyptians, may be related to the high content and diversity of carotenes, phytosterols, polyphenols, EFAs. Review and order

Celandine herb oil extract. Celandine herb (Chelidonum majus) oil extract - traditionally used to cleanse the skin, help combat bacterial and viral skin infection and relieve skin inflammation. Fresh Celandine juice and oil extract were used to help heal warts, cold sores. It was also applied to sanitize and protect wounds and injured skin areas. Review and order

Chickweed herb oil extract. Chickweed (Stellaria media) is the source of well known body oil. Chickweed oil was used to help heal minor skin injuries, wound, abrasions, to nourish and revitalize skin Review and order

Melissa oil extract ( Lemon balm oil ) Extract of Lemon balm (Melissa) leaf in olive oil.
Obtained by direct extraction of Melissa (Melissa officinalis) into virgin olive oil. Melissa or Lemon balm oil is traditionally use as skin cleansing and nourishing treatment. Due to direct cold extraction process Melissa oil retains deep green color and attractive aroma. Traditional herbal medicine recognizes two major actions of Melissa: calming, relaxing, sleep promoting and anti-inflammatory, antivirus, antibacterial. Both effects have been confirmed to a degree by modern scientific studies. Lemon balm extracts are used to support immunity and help enhance body resistance to infectious agents. In fact, a number of constituents of Melissa have been demonstrated to possess antivirus properties and in several countries fractions of Melissa extract and oil are utilized in pharmaceutical preparations intended to combat skin virus infections, including herpes. Review and order


Nettle herb olive oil extract. Nettle (Urtica dioica) oil was used as restorative, anti-inflammatory skin and scalp treatment, helps combat irritations, redness, itching, improve skin conditions in sensitive areas. Nettel oil was traditionally combined with Plantain oil to obtain herbal body oil used for the treatment of persistent skin and scalp irritations. Review and order

Click to expandPlantain herb olive oil extract Plantain (Plantago major) oil helps relieve skin and scalp irritations, reduce inflammation. Plantain body oil is traditionally used to nourish and treat sensitive, irritated skin and scalp, help restore injured or tired skin and for continuous anti-aging treatment. Review and order

Rose hip oil extractRose hip oil extract. Oil extract obtained from whole Rose hips with virgin olive oil combines liposoluble antioxidants, easily adsorbed by the skin, and essential fatty acids from Rose hip seeds. Delightful natural fresh aroma, light red color and rich array of nutrients make whole rose hip oil one of the most popular rejuvenating skin care treatments. Traditionally used as a facial anti-aging treatment. Helps rejuvenate the skin, reverse wrinkles formation, and maintain young fresh skin. Well tolerated by all kinds of skin and especially useful as nourishing and revitalizing remedy for under eyes skin. Used as a dietary supplement, in particularly to help improve conditions of digestive system, like ulcers, erosions etc. Review and order


Saw Palmetto oil extractSaw Palmetto oil extract Cold pressed extract of Saw Palmetto obtained with Olive oil. Because Saw Palmetto oil extract from Floraleads is all-natural preparation, obtained by direct extraction, it may be used both as a dietary supplement and as a skin treatment. Saw Palmetto oil extract is applied topically as skin or scalp care. It is also used topically to provide nutrients for assimilation and penetration into deeper body areas. When applied topically Saw Palmetto oil extract may be more targeted and therefore more efficient treatment for particular body areas and organs. Saw Palmetto was traditionally used by American Indians as hair, scalp and skin care. It is said to revitalize and bring olive shine to the skin, to help revive hair follicles. More recently it became popular in the areas of men health and women health. Review and Order

Sea Buckthorn oil extractSea Buckthorn olive oil extract. One of the most well recognized properties of Sea Buckthorn is nourishing, revitalizing, and restorative action on the skin and mucous. It has been traditionally utilized by Eastern and more recently by Western medicine. Oil extract, obtained from the berries and called Sea Buckthorn oil promotes healing of heat burns, radiation burns, sunburns, poorly healing wounds, eczema. High content of fat soluble vitamins( A, E) and nutrients (EFAs, phytosterols) makes Sea Buckthorn indispensable in restorative, anti aging and revitalizing skin care. Sea Buckthorn oil effectively helps combat wrinkles, dryness and other symptoms of malnourished or prematurely aging skin. It is also used as a dietary supplement taken to improve the conditions of the mucous membranes and as a natural source of carotenes, phytosterols, and EFAs. Review and Order


St. John's wort oil extract Cold pressed extract of Saint John's wort. Contain hypericin like compounds, bioflavonoids, polyphenols, monoterpens, phytosterols, EFAs and other nutrients. Traditionally used as a skin nourishment and to promote recovery of skin and mucous injuries. Helps combat bacterial infections, reverse inflammation, reduce skin itching and irritability. Warning: Do not wear Saint John's wort oil under direct sunlight. It may induce skin hypersensitivity to sunlight. Some manuals on herbal medicines suggest to inactivate photosensitive components of Saint John's wort oil by exposing the oil to direct sun light for two - three weeks in white glass bottle. Saint John's wort oil from Floraleads GR is not sun treated. Review and Order

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